19 May 2010

DIY wedding madness begins this Saturday!

Now that we're down to two months before the wedding, all the little tiny details must get done. This Saturday, we're going to attempt brainstorming and starting a lot of our DIY wedding crafts. Items on the list are:

  • Table Cards so guests know what table they're sitting at. We decided rather than each Table being assigned a number, they'll be assigned the name of a tea. For instance, George Washington will notice on his place card that he is assigned to the Earl Grey table.
  • Place Cards
  • Chair Garlands for the bridal party: we'll make minature versions of those pictured below to go on the backs of the chairs at the feasting table for the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

  • Menu Cards

  • Crackers filled with little packets of confetti guests will throw when we leave, an explaination of the donation we'll be making in their name and another little silly surprise we'll also be DIY-ing.

  • Also, my bridesmaid and I were oohing and ahhing at these pretty little headbands so we decided to try to make them as well. We thought they'd look super cute with the bridesmaid dresses:

via Etsy

And aside from that, we'll be addressing and stuffing invitation envelopes because our beautiful letterpress invites arrived this week! I can't wait to post a little sneak-peak of the beautiful handiwork!


  1. Ooh, I love the tea idea! And I love the donation idea. To what are you donating? (If you don't mind me asking!)

  2. And I'm so jealous that your new apartment has a fireplace! xo

  3. I don't mind!

    I used to write for a ministry organization called New Tribes Mission (NTM.Org). Matt and I are passionate about all that they do and so we are going to make a committment to donate once a year.

    I'm pretty excited about our "winters" in Atlanta. It's probably nothing compared to, say, Michigan, but it's a good transition for us. And I'm mostly excited about putting up a pretty Christmas tree next to our darling white fireplace!


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