22 April 2010

We're Dying

Blogging is hard when you have the stomach flu. Or food poisoning. Or whatever it was that I got hit with last Sunday.

And once I (somewhat) recovered, Matt got hit with the stomach flu (according to the doctor). So now we're both dehydrated, weak, exhausted and sensitive to nearly any type of food other than crackers (I learned this afternoon that chick-fil-a was a baaaaaaaad idea. I feel nauseas again).

Really, this week was supposed to be full of fun posts about my bridal shower (which was on Saturday), our invitations (we picked a design, finally!) and all the fun, upcoming things the month of May has in store for us.

Really, this was the first day I even had the energy to type. Everything's gone on hold. But good news: 86 days until we're married!

1 comment:

  1. The stomach flu is the absolute worst, but thank goodness it doesn't come around very often! And congrats on picking your invitation design and 86 days until marriage! Lots to celebrate in the midst of your sickness! xo


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