18 April 2010

Bridal Party Profile: Bridesmaid

Meet the final bridesmaid. This cat-enthusiastic lady is also my roommate. Her personality is so versatile. When hanging out, you can expect goofiness, sweetness or seriousness all in one day!

We bond over our love/need for coffee and our attraction to mechanical engineers. We may not know what our men are talking about, but goodness, we're so proud of them!

I picked this wonderful girl to be a bridesmaid because she adds so much fun and silliness to my life since I tend to hold back a lot. I can always talk to her about things that really bother me and she'll give me an honest answer, but in a really gentle and caring way.

While she's not being her super fun-loving self, she's going to school to be a teacher. She has a heart for teaching Spanish-speaking children and I know she's going to make such an impact in her community when she graduates (as if she hasn't already!).

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