08 March 2010

Where Should We Live?

We finally have our plane tickets for Atlanta!

Matt has been very busy applying to graduate school and getting accepted. Recently, he was given a travel grant from Georgia Tech to visit the campus, meet with professors, and you know, be impressed. The best part about the trip is that I get to go with him!

Matt applied to eight schools and he's running into a major problem: he keeps getting acceptance letters. So far, he's received four acceptances which means that we could possibly be living in one of four different states by the end of July.

Here's the run down in order of acceptances:

1. University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia: This was his "safety" school and I think it's been ruled out. 

2. Stanford University: Yes, as in THE Stanford of California. We're pretty excited, but the cost is high. It's unlikely for students entering the graduate program to get funding immediately. Also, moving to and living in California is a huge expense as well.

3. Georgia Tech: One of his top three picks. We're very excited about the trip to Atlanta. We'll be checking out apartments as well for potential homes.

4. RPI: Based in Troy, NY, their mechanical engineering department has been around since 1913. Matt got into the PhD program and will have all his funding provided for him. TEMPTING.

Schools he's still waiting to hear back from:
1. University of Michigan
2. MIT
3. Carnegie Mellon
4. Cornell

It's a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot.  I can't wait until he decides though. It's going to be so much fun moving, exploring and escaping this horrifically hot, humid, hurricane target and mosquito infested swamp land. Bring on the snow storms and bring on the ice; we're ready.

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