25 March 2010

Wardrobe Wars Week 3

I've been bad.

Remember that war I was waging? Well, I got sidetracked. I dropped the ball. Even though I eliminated an entire trashbag of clothes from my closet, I STILL have piles of clothes everywhere.

It's overwhelming me and that's why I've been avoiding it. I have a great editing eye when it comes to words, but when it comes to fashion? Everything has a reason for staying!

My project for this weekend then, will be to tackle the ever-spreading purse/bag epidemic.
I've collected so many over the years and most are faded and worn or severely outdated. I have so many, that there's a suitcase in the back of my closet FILLED with bags.

It's sad, but true. I'm a packrat, and rats are gross, so this behavior needs to be stopped before Matt and I get stuck taking it all into our future home.

I know I'm not the only one with this problem. What are you guilty of packing?


  1. I have a hard time letting go of clothes that don't fit or that I don't like anymore. Every now and again I'll FINALLY go through and get rid of them but I have to do it all THAT DAY or I back out.

  2. Cosmetics. I have an entire bag filled with cosmetics (which is quite a bit considering cosmetics are small) that I never even look at. They made it to my new place with me, and all of my cosmetics that I actually use have a home of some sort in my bathroom. But the bag is there too. Just sitting. Doing nothing. Yet I find myself going "But what if I lose my blush and don't have a backup?" even though the blush I'm currently debating about chucking is not even remotely close to the shades that work with my face. I'm not even sure how I acquire all of this make-up. I mean, really, who needs 50 different shades of purple eyeshadow? I think I even have a tube of body glitter. No joke.

  3. This is nerdy...but I just packed up my entire Lord of the Rings collection, minus my books and dvds, and put them in the care to go to Good Will. I've been carting that stuff around for years, and there's really no room for it in our future apartment with all of our music stuff.


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