04 March 2010

Wardrobe Wars Week 2

As I've mentioned before, I'm waging war against my closet. In order to give me direction, I'm following the advice from 10 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Wardrobe.

So the cleaning has begun. This week, I filled a large trashbag with clothes I no longer needed.  Just one trashbag you ask? Don't worry, there's plenty more clothes waiting for me at my parents' house.


Items I've already discovered as essential to my wardrobe?

The Knit Cardigan:

I've collected a few cardigans over the recent months. They're very helpful for layering and surviving Florida "winters." Our weather tends to be quite unpredictable. It can be in the 80s around lunchtime and then drop to the low 50s by 8PM. Also, it's always freezing where I work, so it's great to have something light and feminine to layer.

The 24-hour bag:
This bag is great. I can wear it all year around with it's combo of black and white. I can fit just about anything in it too.

The Versatile Day Dress:

I love this dress! It has thin straps so it can be worn casually with flats, or it can be dressed up with heals and a pretty shrug.

A nice Suit and a feminine blouse:

This suit jacket and skirt is so perfect. It fits my petite stature like a glove. I usually wear it with another item on the essential list: a feminine blouse. The blouse is sleeveless which is another great detail for surviving the Florida heat. 

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