22 March 2010

Strawberry Girl

We're a little bummed about saying goodbye to Plant City in the Springtime. Once we move, there won't be anymore trips to the Strawberry Festival. 

Matt took me to Parksdale's last Friday for "the best strawberry shortcake in the world." The servings were giant and cheap and perfectly tasty. Matt got the shortcake while I took a few nibbles and sipped on a strawberry milkshake.

I had never been to Parksdale's and so it was a "must" for our Friday afternoon date. It's a huge produce stand/store with fresh produce, flowers for sale and your obvious tacky, Florida decor. Matt bought me some flowers while we were there and we also picked up a jar of Strawberry butter and salad dressing.
I'm going to miss the countryside part of Florida. I've become quite proud of our strawberries over the years. Here's to hoping other states support Plant City strawberries during the Spring months.

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