03 March 2010

Custom Silhouettes

This Friday, Matt and I are going to get our silhouettes drawn by mother. We plan to frame them in pretty vintage frames and hang them over the edge of our table or on the backs of our chairs at the reception. If all turns out well, I think it would be fun to incorporate them in other decorations for the wedding, such as envelope seals, escort cards, ect. 
image from TheKnot.Com


  1. i love silhouettes! where do you even get them done? i've been dying to.

  2. My mother's going to do them the old fashioned way: trace our shadows. I also found this at weddingbee: http://www.weddingbee.com/2009/03/09/diy-digital-silhouette-facial-profiling/

    We might end up going that route if the tracing doesn't go so well.

  3. thanks! i'm definitely trying this.


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