28 March 2010

Bridal Party Profile: Maid of Honor

Meet my maid of honor. She's fantastic! She has a heart for all things pretty and dainty, but her assertiveness and can pack a hefty punch; She'll tell you like it is while feeding you pretty pastries fresh and warm from her oven.

As cousins who are only three months apart, we grew up together, visiting back and forth at holidays and birthdays. Our early years were spent desperately trying to convince strangers that we were twins. We'd spend hours meticulously picking out clothes that looked similar, because as everyone knows, wearing matching clothes is what defines twins!

Ever since I can remember, we knew we always wanted to be each other's bridesmaids. I couldn't imagine asking anyone else first!

Even though my MOH lives in Virgina, she's planning a shower and inspiring my other bridesmaids with all her fun ideas that I'm NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW ABOUT (It has literally been said like this to me). I'm so thankful that she braves being snowed in and living far away to support me as I prepare to marry the man I love.

When this awesome lady isn't tending to her bridal party duties, she's baking up a storm and selling her delightful creations at the farmer's market in Blacksburg. She's also engaged to a super talented philosopher and applying to graduate schools for public health.


  1. My friend and I tirelessly tried convincing people we were twins. Looking back on it I don't know why we cared so much, but we most certainly did! xo

  2. Aw, this was a sweet profile =-)


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