25 February 2010

Wardrobe Wars

I'm waging war against my closet. From now on, there will be no more "but I wore this on our first date," or "I might wear this again in the far future." It's official. I'm declaring Wardrobe War.

Now that I'm getting older and nearly wed, I've been noticing lately that my wardrobe needs to do some serious catching up.  Most of my clothes are outdated, no longer fit, worn out and taking over every inch of my room. I've decided to just buckle down and start collecting sophisticated and feminine basics that are of great quality.

In fact, I'm going to make this a challenge. Matt and I can't be lugging a huge wardrobe of unnecessary items with us to where we move. By having a few, good quality items, I can save money in the long run and de-clutter my lifestyle.

So, I've decided that I'm going to follow the '10 Ways to Recession Proof Your Wardrobe,' starting with identifying #1: The New Classics: Ten Pieces for a Timeless Wardrobe.

1. Trench Coat
2. Black Pants
3. Dark Denim
4. Knit Cardigan
5. Versatile Day Dress
6. Little Black Dress
7. Knee Length Skirt
8. A Good Suit
9. Feminine Blouse
10. 24-hour bag

I know I have some of these pieces, so my project for this week is to start deep cleaning the depths of my closet here in my apartment and back in my old closet at my parents' house.
"First, set aside everything that you love, have worn recently and know you want to keep. Everything that is left should be tried on and examined with a discerning eye. Get rid of anything that doesn't fit, is in poor condition or is woefully out of style - there's no sense hanging on to things you'll never wear or waiting until something comes back into style. After eliminating the dead weight, what remains are old favorites that are ready to be rediscovered and added to your daily wardrobe."
I'll be back with an update next Thursday on my attempts at taming this clutter catastrophe.


  1. I think we are living in parallels here. I recently mentioned to my mother that I wanted to make an upholstered headboard (we were waiting for me to get moved in and cover all those expenses first. New information considered however, I might be waiting on the headboard idea, as my bed is not a suitable size for long term plans). Also, I was pondering my own closet this week as I prepare to move. There's just too much stuff I don't wear in there, and my wardrobe is sadly inappropriate for my age. My shoe situation is becoming absurd. I appreciate the top ten items list because I've realized the following:

    1. Trench Coat- Check. It's lightweight and therefore appropriate for Florida. It's also plum, and therefore I feel it fits this awkward age category I'm finding myself in (you know, too young for knee high dress socks but too old for plaid toe sock).
    2. Black Pants- Meh. Mine don't fit well. I have a good pair of gray ones though so I don't feel TOTALLY lost on this one.
    3. Dark Denim- Check...ish. They are skinny jeans. I don't know if this counts. I need a good pair of dark, work-appropriate, boot cut, jeans.
    4. Knit Cardigan- Check.
    5. Versatile Day Dress- Uhhhh no. I could maybe swing my blue and white stripped one as a day dress, but I can never find the appropriate shoes for it.
    6. Little Black Dress- Check... but it's several years old now, but for the sake of the check list, yes, I have one.
    7. Knee Length Skirt- Check. But I have nothing to wear with it which sort of defeats the purpose.
    8. A Good Suit- Not even close.
    9. Feminine Blouse- Nope.
    10. 24-hour bag- I don't think I'm ready for this one yet. I've only very recently accepted the role of a purse in my life. I don't think I'm ready for a "24 hour bag," whatever that even means.

    All that to say, you would die if I told you what I was wearing to the office today lol. Any other boss, and I'd probably be called in for a meeting.Edit10:35 am
    christina johnson - I hate how that that comment didn't show up on my actual blog. Boo on Buzz. I have outdated versions of most of the items....and I need a real coat for winters in our future home.

    I have more bags than I know what to do with. We should have an accessory party and maybe in my boxes of bags, you might find something suitable to call a "24 hour" bag.

  2. Cassie, you crack me up. Thanks for posting it here even though you didn't have to. :) I like how your comment has part of my comment in there too.

  3. So, today I was changing up this blog that I never use, convincing myself that I'll use it now because I've made it prettier and I saw that I had a follower. I mean, it's taking me God knows how long to realize that you're there because I'm ridiculous, but whatever, not the point. The point is, I clicked on the icon and here you are, my beautiful follower, so I wanted to follow you because your blog is adorable, but...I don't know how...haha, I seriously don't know how to follow you. Do I "Subscribe by Email?" I don't know. Christina, I don't know how to belong in the internet community. I need a manual or something.

  4. Yay, Amanda! I think you couldn't find the "follow" option because I didn't have it on my blog. :) It's there now!


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