22 February 2010

Things we're learning

Matt always makes sure to tell me I'm his companion. Words like that make my heart leap and I'm so thankful he's going to be my husband. We've been learning, through marriage counseling, about the importance of companionship.  The first question when considering marriage shouldn't be will this man will be a good provider or will this woman will be a good mother. We should be asking if this man or woman will make a good companion.

We're also learning how our characteristics are complimentary to each other. On the surface, Matt's more scientifically minded and I tend to let my imagination turn me into a character from the novel I'm currently reading. On a deeper level, we're learning how Matt is really good at handling the little details of life and how I get stressed over driving to the super market. While Matt can calm my every day struggles, I assist him with the bigger things like encouraging him to pursue something he thinks he's not cut out to accomplish but desires with all his heart.

With complimenting each other, comes room for disagreements, but I love the way we work through them. Sure, we can be stubborn or filled with excuses, but eventually we get through it and we grow and learn to love each other on a more intimate level. We're both learning how to give and we're finding that each other's beauty is growing more and more each day.

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