12 January 2010

To Market

Last Saturday, Matt and I went to the St. Petersburg Farmers Market on what was probably the coldest day of the year (you know, the one with snow in the Tampa area??) We were freezing and damp, but loving the irish folk music, the warm pastries and most of all, the proper pie company with their scottish eggs and meat pies.

Matt and I want to start getting in the habit of attending markets because we hear such great things about the ones farther North (like the one my cousin, also maid of honor, works at). Once we move, we want to try eating seasonally (which is hard to do).

So this weekend we're going back and we're going to hunt for things we need that are fresh in Florida during the early part of January:
Brocolli, Bananas, and Cucumbers.

We're also probably going to indulge in those pineapples from Costa Rico because they were just too FANTASTIC.

Also, if the weather is just as cold, I'm wearing two pairs of socks because my toes were hurting! I had to put them up on the air vents in the car to capture heat. Not used to weather being under 32 degrees. The only good thing about it is that I'm getting practice for when we move up north!

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