23 November 2009

Advice to Future Brides

If there is one thing I regret in this whole wedding planning experience, it's not signing up for a separate email account for all of the wedding junk mail I keep getting.  It's not that it's all useless because it's not. Some of the emails have great discounts, good advice and inspirational photos.  However, I'm finding it heard to navigate through it all in order to get to more important emails, and I'm finding myself wondering how I'm going to get rid of it all after I'm married.

So  my advice? Create a new email (one that you and your fiance have access to). Use it when signing up for more info at bridal expos. Use it to correspond with wedding vendors. Use it to keep yourself from drowning under 400 wedding-related emails.


  1. Great idea. I wish I had thought of that too! :)

  2. I wish I had too... Have I told you that I've been flooded with wedding e-mails since that expo?? I keep having to tell Lawrence I'm not a nut job and that I just get them all from that one time I went with you.


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