10 October 2009

Registry Part II

I thought one of the most fun things about this whole wedding planning thing would be registering, but as I'm finding out, it can be so overwhelming and stressful.  Matt and I can generally agree on style and taste. We make a lot of compromises...like I can have floral prints if the color is monochromatic, but for some reason, huge stores, lots of people, and 20 million variations of silverware leave me feeling all dished out.

But we did manage to pick out pots and pans, and we received a free spatula and wine glasses at Macys for attending their Sip and Scan.  The event allowed us to talk to representatives of certain products, which definitely helped us make some selections.

And Matt got to register for tools, which I know, without a doubt, was definitely the best part of the day for him. 

Tomorrow, we resume wedding details. We're meeting with Caroline and Evan of CSE Photography to discuss our free engagement photo shoot!  Matt and I were crazy enough to tackle two bridal expos in one day.  After the first one, we trekked across town with my mom to attend another one during its last hour.  There we met Caroline and Evan and entered a contest for the best engagement shoot idea. A week later we got a phone call from Caroline, offering a us a free photo session with them.  We're so excited!

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