12 September 2014

Exciting Things - Saying Hello to a New Home

Hey Blog Friends!

I've officially moved! Follow me over at the new home for this little blog.

I'll be posting about marriage, home life, and all the things I blogged about here at Home Says Hello.

However, there will be a new focus: life as a creative professional. I'll be documenting my slow and steady entry into the creative professional world and my work photographing creative makers & bloggers & doers in need of some photography help.

I'm looking to interview a couple of fine creative folks, so if you're an aspiring creative professional with struggles and ambitions and you don't want others to feel alone in this, drop me a line: christina.elyse[at]gmail.com

I'd love to chat with you over coffee (if you're in Atlanta) or via Skype!

See you at our new home: ChristinaElyse.com!

01 May 2014

Blogging: On Why I'm the Worst.

This blogging thing really beats me up.

I'll be honest: I was ready for Spring to hit. Atlanta in the Spring is simply one of the most wonderful delights to behold, and I've been thoroughly enjoying all the wonderful surprises in bloom around the yard.

But the Spring isn't the sole reason I've been MIA.

I seem to always leave this blog behind when life gets too static or hard and I give up something that could serve as a refuge, a place to decompress, and pour love into.

It's so easy to kill your passion. 

But, as what almost always happens to creatives, I've come back to my little Home Says Hello when little life changes begin occurring. Slowly, I'm starting to see my goals take shape and grow, and I've been cooking up some really wonderful photography projects with friends and other creatives.

Trumpet Vine in East Atlanta Village

Side Note: Seriously, if you're a creative entrepreneur in Atlanta (or even the Southeast...), leave a comment with your email because I've got some fun portfolio-building offers up my sleeve.

Gardening in East Atlanta Village

I've also noticed that Home Says Hello takes a hit when I start hacking away at that beast of a photography business, and then the business suffers when I get all wrapped up in this little blog.

I'm thinking this might call for a merger. Thoughts?

East Atlanta Village Doggy Play Date

P.S. The little one pictured above is Chester's neighborhood friend, Otis. He's so tiny and spunky. These two pals play great together. :)

P.P.S. To all the bloggers that I started following and building friendships with right before I dropped off the face of the Earth: I'm so sorry for not actively supporting you. Readership engagement is important. Starting next week, I'm sidebar-featuring the following amazing women for the rest of my days on blogger:

30 January 2014

Ice in the South: It's not a laughing matter.

For those of you who follow the news, you know what happened in Atlanta this week regarding the winter storm.

I'm exhausted, and I don't feel like discussing much, and kind of emotional. My mother suggested I do something nice today, so Matt and I played with Chester in the yard for a bit and I brought my camera for a little creative therapy, but I'm still processing my 9 hour commute from Tuesday.

I'm so glad to be home with my boys. I know there's plenty of people out there who find it necessary to call Georgia residents cowards and idiots...goodness, I've seen so much nastiness online, but so many people rallied together in this city of mine, delivering food, water, gas and medical aid on foot to so many stranded individuals.

I'm thankful for my neighbor who was up at 2:45AM, relieved to see I had finally made it home; I'm thankful for my friends and family that talked with me on the phone to keep me sane...and awake...in the car, and I'm thankful that what I went through was nowhere compared to what could have happened.

Some Atlanta people are tired of seeing the happy snow day photos, but I feel relieved every time I see someone post a photo of them playing in the snow with their children: it means they weren't one of the thousands of parents trapped on icy roads while their children were stranded on buses or in schools for the night.

It means they are safe, and I would be in agony if I knew a loved one was still stranded out there.

I hope you all have been safe and warm this week. I plan on using my snow days to unwind and cozy up with Matt and Chester.

(I've also been gobbling up the Call the Midwife series on Netflix. Any of you seen it? Is not the most amazing show ever??)

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